Patriots-Blount love story continues

The running back, which comes from performing one of his best campaigns in the NFL, has been the subject of a maneuver which aims to continue in New England.

Within the imagery of the New England Patriots, with impeccable management of the members of a roster that has been tapped to the last drop, there is a player who has gained a prominent role even though we are not going to confuse him with one of the references In his position and that does not detract from the fact that the people of Massachusetts have been the model to follow.

We’re talking about LeGarrette Blount .

The sturdy runner has helped as few as set the defenses and allow the Patriots’ global game led by Tom Brady to have reached the heights we know all the NFL fans.

Interestingly, Blount comes from making one of his most notable campaigns but the best in his football career, with personal marks in attempts (299), total yards (1161) and touchdowns (18).

More interestingly, LeGarrette is a free agent today .

The formula of the ‘tender’

However, this situation may or may not change, thanks to a resource that is almost in the process of being extinguished, as is the tender or offer made on May 9 to the veteran broker who will turn 31 on the 5th of May. December.

In fact, it was the only one offered to him throughout the NFL.

According to this formula, if Blount remains a free agent beyond July 22, he could only play with the New England Patriots, while if he signs earlier with any other team, Bill Belichick’s wards would receive a round-off Draft for 2018 even if we do not think of a first or second, but rather a more advanced one.

You know, where you choose a Tom Brady of life or something.

Thus, whenever Blount continued with the Patriots, his salary for 2017 would be $ 1.1 million , or what is the same, just $ 100,000 more than he received last year and made him one of The biggest bargains in recent history.

After the arrival as free agents of Mike Gillislee and Rex Burkhead, plus the presence of James White, Dion Lewis, Brandon Bolden and even DJ Foster in the squad , the situation of Blount is not completely clear or at least his role for the new Year.

However, it is already known that having many options to play for you is not always a problem, but rather the opposite and that the rigors (injuries, penalties, etc.) of football are what end up clarifying the panorama.

And for both a broken and a barefoot, we’ll always have Blount.

Well, for that and for something else.