Chargers and Rams’ move to new stadium is delayed

The huge amount of rainfall in the area seems to be the reason why both franchises have opted to delay arena construction by an additional year.

The arrival at the new arena by the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will have to wait another year . At first it was estimated that the new stadium would be ready for the 2019 season, but the large amount of rainfall that has occurred in the area in recent months has slowed the works, so the move will not occur until the 2020 season .

Both franchises have issued a joint press release explaining that last winter’s record rainfall in the city has created ‘significant delays ‘ from January to March. As a result of this delay, the Chargers will play at Carson’s StubHub Center until 2019, including the Rams will remain at the Coliseum.

The president of the Chargers, AG Spanos, has commented that the decision has been made thinking about the future benefit of the fans . “Our approach will always be the amateur’s experience,” he added. `Our future home will be the best stadium in the NFL and will deliver a transformative experience to Chargers fans. If doing what is right means postponing the completion date of the works, then I think the additional year is worth it.

The Chargers one more year in a stadium of 30,000 seats

For the fans of the Rams the delay will not be a big problem. However, the social mass of the Chargers itself has begun to complain. It is logical. In the next years his team will play the matches in a stadium of just over 30,000 seats, reason why a lot of his fans will not be able to enjoy like until now of the parties.

The Chargers want to take advantage of the small size of their stadium to bring fans and players closer. Spanos commented: “At the StubHub Center we are creating a parallel environment to see the NFL and we believe that no other stadium in the league gives you the chance to live matches so closely , so we think our fans are going To enjoy our three years in Carson.

And what about Philip Rivers?

In the sporting aspect arises a great doubt. What will happen to Philip Rivers? The team’s recent moves, especially in the draft, seem aimed at allowing the veteran quarterback to be able to hold the team’s reins for a few more years . However, their contract ends in 2019. If the Chargers want their leader in and out of the field to open the new home they will have to put a renewal offer on the table.