Chargers and Rams’ move to new stadium is delayed

The huge amount of rainfall in the area seems to be the reason why both franchises have opted to delay arena construction by an additional year.

The arrival at the new arena by the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will have to wait another year . At first it was estimated that the new stadium would be ready for the 2019 season, but the large amount of rainfall that has occurred in the area in recent months has slowed the works, so the move will not occur until the 2020 season .

Both franchises have issued a joint press release explaining that last winter’s record rainfall in the city has created ‘significant delays ‘ from January to March. As a result of this delay, the Chargers will play at Carson’s StubHub Center until 2019, including the Rams will remain at the Coliseum.

The president of the Chargers, AG Spanos, has commented that the decision has been made thinking about the future benefit of the fans . “Our approach will always be the amateur’s experience,” he added. `Our future home will be the best stadium in the NFL and will deliver a transformative experience to Chargers fans. If doing what is right means postponing the completion date of the works, then I think the additional year is worth it.

The Chargers one more year in a stadium of 30,000 seats

For the fans of the Rams the delay will not be a big problem. However, the social mass of the Chargers itself has begun to complain. It is logical. In the next years his team will play the matches in a stadium of just over 30,000 seats, reason why a lot of his fans will not be able to enjoy like until now of the parties.

The Chargers want to take advantage of the small size of their stadium to bring fans and players closer. Spanos commented: “At the StubHub Center we are creating a parallel environment to see the NFL and we believe that no other stadium in the league gives you the chance to live matches so closely , so we think our fans are going To enjoy our three years in Carson.

And what about Philip Rivers?

In the sporting aspect arises a great doubt. What will happen to Philip Rivers? The team’s recent moves, especially in the draft, seem aimed at allowing the veteran quarterback to be able to hold the team’s reins for a few more years . However, their contract ends in 2019. If the Chargers want their leader in and out of the field to open the new home they will have to put a renewal offer on the table.

Alex Smith experiences déjà vu with the arrival of Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs quarterback compares his situation to what happened with the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick.

The moment he heard the name of Pat Mahomes, the images paraded through the mind of Alex Smith. After 13 years in the NFL, there is not much that the current quarterback Kansas City Chiefs have not seen or situation that has happened.

Having to give the post to someone younger than him is, unfortunately, something that he lived during his stay in San Francisco , where he lost ownership at the hands of a young man named Colin Kaepernick, and knows that the possibility of that Repeat with Mahomes is more than latent.

He understands and accepts it. He is aware that he has already begun counting down his tenure as the starter in Kansas City. It would be innocent not to think otherwise.

“I think the Chiefs are committed to me just for this year,” said the 49ers exquarterback in an interview with ESPN. “That’s nature. If you do not go out and do your job, Coach Reid is very honest. You must go out and do your thing. Apply for all “.

The wisdom that is only gained over the years gives Smith a new perspective, because he insists that this is the mentality that must always have, with or without Mahomes breathing close.

“Whether we have selected Patrick or not, does not change anything, right? If you are not good enough, if you do not do your job, you will not have it for a long time. This is how the position works . ”

If anyone knows, it’s Smith, who was San Francisco’s first draft pick in 2005 and eventually took title to veteran Tim Rattay in the middle of that year and kept it for a good part of seven seasons until a Kaepernick Second year he applied the same trick to him, banishing him from the Bay to Kansas City.

It is the cycle of life. The food chain. As George Washington Duke said in Rocky V: It is the young lion against the old lion. It is so obvious that Smith himself accepts the comparison.

“Yes, there is some similarity,” he acknowledged. “I am the oldest quarterback and they selected a young man they are looking to develop.”

He says it well, it’s the old man. He does not regret and knows that he only has to do what he deserves. The rest is out of reach.

“I’ve been through it, and I get it. If any of us were the manager, and in my opinion we are talking about the most important position in the whole sports world, it would be a mistake not to accumulate talent, “he said. “You understand. And that should not change my focus. I still feel like I can play for a few years. Honestly, I think I keep getting better. ”

Maybe, but he does not have much time to prove it. At least not in Kansas City.

Patriots make a deal with Blount

The signing of the running back with the Philadelphia Eagles has not only cleared the landscape in the backfield of New England but comes with a ‘gift’ for the club.

A while back, I wrote about the clever maneuver that the New England Patriots made in relation to the running back LeGarrette Blount, who was offered on May 9 that allowed them to win whatever was the final destination of the New England Patriots or the rest of the National Football League.

Let’s add one more positive to the guys from Massachusetts.

Following the signing of Blount by the Philadelphia Eagles for a year and can reach up to $ 2.8 million if it meets the various incentives contained in the agreement, it remained to know what the balance would be for the Patriots.

It turns out to be the ‘progress adequately’.

The ‘tender’ formula of May 9

In that smart move we mentioned, the Patriots kept their backs. If by July 22 he had not signed with any team, he would return to the Patriots for a modest salary of 1.1 million by 2017. If that was not the case, Blount’s new ‘boss’ would award several rounds for his hiring.

According to the website,, the first assessment that has been made of this agreement is that the Patriots would win a fourth and a fifth round by the Blount march, elections that would go to New England for which it is a real gold mine.

(See Tom Brady for more information.)

In addition, it clarifies a little the excess of players that are in the current roster of the club, that never comes bad, although the continuity of Blount supposed a real enigma, one that perhaps not happened to continue in the equipment already initiated the season With no sign of Mike Gillislee and Rex Burkhead signing in the free agency and who had even given his 29th back to cornerback DJ Killings, a free agent who has not been selected in the draft.

However, none of the above is carved in stone because of the complex formulas that are used to calculate those compensatory rounds in the NFL and rival the quest to find the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone… or something like that.

What is very clear is that even when the Patriots lose a player, which is moment for the recollection for the importance that had in the scheme of the Emperor Palpatine, digooo, Bill Belichick, the truth is that they find the way to gaining.

And without deflating balls even.