Chris Cornell: Farewell to a Seahawks and Sonics fan

Soundgarden’s guitarist, singer and songwriter died last night in Detroit.

On Thursday, May 18, 2017 Chris Cornell was been found dead in his room at the MGM Grand Detroit Hotel. The guitarist, singer and songwriter had performed in the city of the state of Michigan with the group of which he was founder, Soundgarden, flagship of the grunge musical movement , formed in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and whose Epicenter was the city of Seattle. He died at age 52 due to unknown causes, although the Detroit Police are investigating it as a possible suicide.

As a native of Seattle, which he liked to boast about, Cornell supported the Seahawks — the city’s most representative team and a member of the NFL. In 2014, the singer became the narrator in a video to the franchise and its fans (the 12th) shortly before the Superbowl was held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There, the Seahawks claimed the title by winning over the Denver Broncos. Cornell was among other artists on the Washington State music scene, such as Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), and Guns N ‘Roses bassist Duff McKagan. That same year, Soundgarden performed at the premiere of the Seahawks’ season. The club recalled the musician in his Twitter account: “We remember Chiris Cornell, icon of Seattle, devout 12, and one of the great voices in the history of rock & roll.”

In 2011, Cornell had also shown support for the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics , a franchise that had disappeared from the city in 2008 when it was sold to a corporate group that moved it to Oklahoma City. During a concert and with the Sonics shirt on, the musician shouted: “They took our [expletive] team from us. Since I was this high, I had that team. And they [expletive] took it away. It’s [expletive] to take away a basketball team!” WARNING: Lots of NSFW language in the video.

A brilliant musical career

Chris Cornell will go down in history and eternity of rock as a guitarist, composer and, above all, vocalist, a facet in which he is considered one of the best ever. In addition to Soundgarden, a group he founded with Kim Thayil and with which he released eight albums (he was already preparing the ninth), he must also be remembered as the promoter of the Temple of the Dog supergroup, which he formed with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam components to pay tribute to Andrew Wood, singer of Mother Love Bone (deceased in 1990). No less brilliant was his contribution to the creation of Audioslave with three members of Rage Against the Machine, including the great guitarist Tom Morello. Together they composed three albums. On his own, Cornell edited five, And also recorded several songs, the latest one, The Promise , which appears in the film of the same title and whose benefits go to the NGO International Rescue Committee. That’s part of the more supportive side of Chris, who along with his second wife, Vicky, created a foundation to help children around the world. He had two daughters and a son.

Rest in peace.

Bennett opens the Seahawks doors to Colin Kaepernick

Seattle is looking for a substitute for Russell Wilson and his former rival sounds like a possibility.

Pete Carroll is still a ‘hippie’ at heart. In a world in which Colin Kaepernick has the doors closed for his political stances and the unnecessary noise for a reserve quarterback, the Seahawks coach opens a light of hope to his former rival and antagonist of epic battles.

And he’s not the only one in Seattle.

The vocalist and outgoing defensive end Michael Bennett would welcome Kaepernick in the locker room, claiming that his political stance is one that is shared among Seahawks players, who on more than one occasion have expressed their support for Kaepernick.

“I think it would be a good thing in our locker room,” said Bennett, one of the team’s leaders. “I can not find a reason why I would not fit. I think we all talk about the same issues. Only he had the courage to face it, I understand. ”

The rest of the league seems to have turned their backs on Kaepernick, partly because of their stance and social activism, and partly because their numbers have consistently gone down in the past two seasons, having stayed within five yards of winning the Super Bowl in 2012.

In Seattle, he would have no pressure on either side. Their acts and protests are backed by colleagues, coaches and even the owner. Suffice it to remember that as Kaepernick knelt in protest, the Seahawks came out of their arms intertwined with the same message.

In addition, the quarterback would only see the pitch in case Wilson was a victim of a catastrophe. As Bennett puts it, Kaepernick will not find a better place.

“I think it would be great if Kaepernick got the chance to be on our team, it would be a very good place for him, because we have people like coach (Pete) Carroll, who are enthusiastic about those kind of challenges,” he said in an interview With 710 ESPN Seattle.

“We have an owner who invests and gives back to the community. There are players on this team who contribute to the community. There’s Russell Wilson, who shows that our team is community based. It’s the perfect place for him. ”

Come on, the situation is so good for both sides that Bennett and the rest of the Seahawks seem to have forgotten the intense rivalry that arose between Kaepernick and cornerback Richard Sherman after the latter intercepted the pass that gave Seattle the ticket To the Super Bowl in January 2014, which led to a strong war of words.

But words are carried away by the wind. The important thing is the actions and Bennett believes that Seattle could benefit Kaepernick on the ground, so it would not be a purely political or public relations movement.

“You have to see what you have done over the years with your team. Our offense is career-based, and the fact that he can play in the read-option gives him many opportunities to be a star in the NFL again, “said Bennett. “I think we have a great system, great players, and we have Russell. It would be good for him. ”

For Kaepernick, the obvious benefit would be to receive his weekly paycheck, but the fact that his pay comes from a team that does not see it as a threat or a problem would be invaluable.

There is only one small detail: Until now, everything is hypothetical.